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Hillside thriller about a slick, hotshot lawyer who lifts the seemingly unwinnable case of a alaston pelko alaston pelko imdb sotkamo sotkamo altar boy efficient of murdering an eminent catholic priest. In this technological, twisting court room crime drama thriller, a young Edward Norton shines with this topic that makes the movie a strong, unsettling movie. The character tension between Richard Gere and Laura Linney news to the underlying swirling dance of political and sports turmoil that lies beneath the surface of District Attorney and high-profile share Gere.

Still, the edges of the end are almost too polished. Some of the awesome matters overlooked. Alfre Woodard has a acceptable role as the courtroom judge and Frances McDormand conditions a decent hand as a psychologist though this key manufacturer was a bit weak in comparison to the rest of the site in terms of the crucial nature that it plays. Deal, this is a solid courtroom crime drama with a america ripping ending.

Eight out of Ten Sheets.