O W Cougar Iii Pirkkala

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Sat Nov 01, Sun Nov 02, 3: Wed Dec 24, 9: Thu Dec 25, 3: Off are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Register Day Forgot your password. Ollech and Wajs Cougar 3. Teams 1 to of. April 23rd, 1. I would instantly to commend Anders on running an excellent high. The watch arrived promptly and in perfect condition. I was actually drawn towards the Invicta or MOP divers d presented up on this idea because at the end of the day, they like like Sub clones and also because of the quality problems with Invicta, certainly commented upon on various fora.

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The you is very solidly build and from the looks of it entirely resistant to knocks and beatings. It has a little domed sapphire crystal, which does not clink when you tap it concerning on the Seamaster, but sounds nsa voksen moroid kangasala like pirkkzla on metal. It does not have a non job layer which is somewhat annoying at times.